About Electric Gates

Choosing the right one

There are several questions cross our mind before choosing the proper automated swing gate. It’s really difficult to understand all the processes and product features you can purchase on the market nowadays. An expert can easily answer all your doubts about which gate, automatization you should choose. There are no two same gates, they are all different I would say


Focus on the condition

The swing gates always have to be solid and openable with ease as well. Otherwise the motor and the gate wings need to overcome with constant charge. In this case the lifetime of our gate are going to be significantly shorter. The main aspect is the weight. It basically influences the performance of our motor.


We should place various arm operators on each type of pillars because this can grant clean and secure operation of our swing gate wings. If you are planning to build gate you should consider  hiding the operator arms under the surface. Although this process requires more effort and experience but it gives you a much better, high quality elegant look to your swing gate.


It is highly recommended to hire an expert for the builds mentioned above. Do not hesitate to reach us via email or by phone.

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August 06, 2017

About Electric Gates

There are several questions cross our mind before choosing the proper automated swing gate.

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August 06, 2017

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