Must Know - Parquet!

Do Not Drop The Base!

Like any other repairing process, this also starts with discovering all faulty pieces of our flooring. In the first place it’s recommended to check the base of your place - As most of the faults come from the bad quality base. In case you are facing a base-issue you must start with repairing that first, then you are not going to treat only the symptoms of the bad flooring, but build a totally new - well based - high quality hardwood / laminate flooring.

Oldie Goldie vs Brand New?

As second step you should analyse the wood plank itself to see whether its condition is good enough. Does it worth to clean, polish, varnish? Or it’s just better to purchase new set of wooden floor? There are benefits using the old hardwood such as natural colour, “found its place” or it’s less slippery.

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Mostly the solid, aged wood boards have the following problem: After many oiled finishing you have done in the last years on your wooden floor could be a reason of staying look oldish. The lacquer is already inside the wood, basically it doesn’t matter how many times you polish it.. It will never look new again. It is recommended to invest into a new set of wood floor in these cases.

Take Your Time...

If the hardwood is loose and it wobbles the problem usually is with the gumming. The most common reason here is that the parts don’t fit well together. And sadly you have to remove the old flooring to fix the mentioned issue. Remove the parts one by one until you reach a stable section which can be used as your starting point.

As long as we you working with parched wood you should set the temperature (From 19-25 degrees Celsius) and the humidity (40-50% relative) of the place. This step is crucial unless you would like to rebuild your parquet (laminated or wooden). When you are finished with laying the floor it will not deform or become wavy.

Refinish it!

In lucky situations you only have to fix the old varnish or remove the marks of time like scratches, bumps. Here you have nothing else to do but polish it as a surface treatment for your floor. Lastly you have to fix the stuffing between the parts and you are all set.

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Must Know - Parquet!

Like any other repairing process, this also starts with discovering all faulty pieces of our flooring.

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